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Let's face it, finding a good repair technician has become more and more difficult. Especially when you are looking for premium caliber work in order to get the maximum performance from your clarinet. Many manufacturer's do not have high enough standards for reaching this performance.

At, we specialize in your clarinet and getting every iota of response, sound & presence from your clarinet. As our slogan says, If it's Baroque, we can fix it!

Standard Playing Condition

This is our standard service for a clarinet in good overall condition but simply needs adjustment. This is also a routine Annual servicing for most clarinets. This service involves re-seating of pads, replacing a few pads, corks, felts, checking for proper fit of all joints and just general overall maintenance.

This job takes 24 hours on average to complete and carries a 30 day warranty.

Typical Cost $30 - $60

Crack Repairs
One of the biggest fears for a clarinetist is of their wood clarinet cracking. Sadly, you can't predict whether the clarinet will crack or not. You can be the most meticulous player who breaks in their clarinet and oils it regularly and still the clarinet can crack. You can be one of the most abusive players who never maintains their clarinet and it doesn't crack. There is no rhyme or reason behind it.

Crack repairs are not a simple thing to do well. There are many ways to "repair" a cracked clarinet, but many of them negatively effect the performance, appearance and value of your clarinet. When performed properly, your clarinet will play exactly like it did prior to the crack and there is little to no cosmetic blemish to your instrument.

Click here to take an in depth look at our crack repair jobs with a step by step explanation. Obviously, every crack is different and the exact cost will depend on the severity of the crack. Most common crack repairs can be performed for around $60-100.

Minor Overhaul
One of our more popular jobs that customers are most impressed with, our Minor Overhaul is an instant performance upgrade to any clarinet. Intermediate - SemiPro (think Buffet E11 - R13, any wood clarinet with standard pads) receive the biggest benefit from this job.

With a Minor Overhaul, we replace all upper joint pads with the Valentino Master Series pads. This immediately improves the resonance, clarity of response and fullness of tone throughout the whole range of the clarinet. These pads also have a 10+ year life expectancy under proper maintenance and playing conditions which is more than double that of traditional pads. Also included is checking all corks & felts, regulation of all pads and complete servicing of the wood.

This job takes 3-5 days on average to complete and carries a 120 day warranty on work performed.

While this job can vary in final cost based on the condition of the tone holes and the pads in the lower joint, most clarinets in decent condition can have this service done for around $150. Barrel & Bell Upgrade Packages
Just repairing your clarinet is only one facet of the specialization that we can do for your clarinet. While your clarinet is here, we offer the ability to add on bells, barrels & mouthpieces to your job and receive a discounted rate as well. We can hand select the barrel and bell that matches your clarinet the best based on what you tell us you are looking for.

Below is a list of discounted rates for various Bells, Barrels & Mouthpieces when you add them on with your repair. What's also great is that when you receive your clarinet back, if you are not thrilled with the added on accessory, you can actually send them back for a full refund! This way you can try it out and make sure that it is what is best for you and your playing style!

    Kessler Custom by Backun: $89.00 (normally $99) -view @
    Buffet Chadash: $170.00 (normally $185) -view @
    Buffet Moennig: $170.00 (normally $185) -view @
    Buffet ICON: $170.00 (normally $185) -view @
    Backun FatBoy: $170.00 (normally $180) -view @
    Backun MoBa: $200.00 (normally $225) -view @

    Buffet ICON: $279.00 (normally $319) -view @
    Backun Traditional: $460.00 (normally $500) -view @
    Backun MoBa: $500.00 (normally $540) -view @

Other great discounts on mouthpieces, cases, reeds, ligatures & other accessories also available. Give us a call to get your specialized quote today!