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Valentino pads have been around for a long time. They have evolved from a "quick fix peel & stick" pad used by band directors for emergency repairs in to the premier maker of synthetic woodwind pads. The Master Series pad is the pinnacle of this evolution.

Designed with a professional clarinet in mind, we find that the Master Series pads give the tonal performance of a great cork pad but without the noise of a cork pad and without the potential downsides of cork. The Master Series utilize a 4 layered design that brings in all of the positives of the Valentino pads but gets rid of any of the negatives.

Top Seal - Thinner than the Classic Valentino "Greenback" pad to allow complete adhesive support. This thinner top seal reduces the possible impression depth while giving a firmer feel.

Top Gate - A special material is used to insure that the impression does not transfer from the "top seal" to the middle core of the pad. This maintains pad stability and minimizes the seat depth, promoting a perfect seal with a light touch.

Middle Core - A firmer material is used on the core of the "Master Series" pads. This provides stability to the pad while offering the musician a strong centered sound with excellent projection.

Card Back - The "Master Series" pad uses a new thicker, step profile card back. This facilitates improved "floating" ability during installation while also providing additional stability and firmness once installed.

We firmly believe these to be the single best pad for use in the upper joint of a clarinet and use them by default on all repad & overhaul jobs unless specified by the customer.